The official online multi-media portfolio of Thomas B. Carsecka

Welcome to TBC Audio Alchemy


Audio Productions

Releasing his debut album in 2006, Carsecka has since written, recorded, and produced 4 albums ranging from acoustic to electronic.

Video Productions

As a multimedia expert, Thomas captures imagery of his sonic experiments, creative process, live performances, and compositions.

Cymatic Artistry

Carsecka uses cymatic pattern imaging to artistically reveal the power of vibration  combining real-time  projection and live music.


Carsecka holds the tools of the digital age in high regard and his infusion of technology in his music set him apart as an Audiological Alchemist. 


Utilizing screen capture, Carsecka can guide learners through complicated practices in sampling, recording, and graphic design.

Music Education

Thomas is dedicated to finding efficient and effective ways to improve online teaching and virtual classroom experiences.


Cymatic Revelations - Live Performance

Ten Steps - Music Technology Documentary

Pavnotium - Experimental Composition


Mach 5 - Part I

Mach 5 - Part II

Preparing Digital Media for Print - an Adobe Photoshop tutorial.

Music Education

Blackboard Course Design - Pedagogy for the online classroom.