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Cymatic Patterns: What are they?

When musical vibrations are channeled through a malleable medium, such as a liquid, the vibrations cause the medium to arrange itself into visible geometries known as cymatic patterns.  Being that these patterns are created by the sounds themselves, the geometric elements are used to visually connect the audience to what they hear.   

Composing with Cymatics

Carsecka composes music that summons specific cymatic patterns.  This short video demonstrates the effectiveness of using real-time cymatic pattern imaging to visually connect the listener to what they hear.

Upcoming Projects

Cymatic Chakra Workshop

Cymatic Chakra Workshop


A series of cymatic sound baths centered around the chakras and their resonant frequencies.  The goal is to incorporate live music and cymatic visuals with a group meditation and yoga workshop.  In this seven-day endeavor, one chakra will be examined and experienced in each session.  The music, visuals, and discourse will help participants form organic connections with sight, sound, nature, and the binding energy in all things. 

CYMATICS in Live Performance


Cymatic Revelations is a multi-media composition that aims to artistically reveal the power of vibration through the synchronous use of cymatic pattern imaging, real-time video projection, and live music.  While incorporating archetypal elements of light, reflection, and symmetry, Cymatic Revelations utilizes cutting-edge music technologies to expose this common thread of vibration in the world around us.  

How it works


The Cymatoscope Set Up

This figure displays the necessary setup & equipment for capturing cymatic images.


"Using an iMac, Ableton Live, Akai MPK249 keyboard and APC control surface, a powered speaker, a bottle cap of liquid, and an iPhone 6 with EpocCam HD app I am able to conduct cymatic experiments and observe them in real-time."     

                          -Thomas B. Carsecka 


What you see is what you hear

A cylindrical vessel containing liquid sits upon a vibrating speaker.  Like ripples in a pond, the vibrations create visible distortions on the liquid surface.  Those ripples reach the walls of the vessel and bounce back inward creating a collision of energy.  Light is then used to reveal the patterns created by these sonic collisions.

Cymatic Experiments

Cymatics is a study of vibration and how it interacts with matter.   These stunning visuals are generated live in real-time by the musical  tones and sound waves you hear playing.  These patterns exist inside us when we play and listen to music.

Cymatics and Sacred Geometry

The cymatic pattern above contains collision points parallel to those of the infamous 'Flower of Life'.  Sacred Geometry is an expression of physical harmony and resonance which is why the patterns appear in nature and sacred architecture throughout the world.

Discovering the Cymatic Alphabet


Each Tone Has a Unique Cymatic Signature

Experiments were conducted in order to generate a library of cymatic images that could be mapped to musical tones and pitches. Carsecka uses this library to assemble musical compositions featuring specific patterns that are projected onto a screen during the live performance.  The chart above displays the cymatic signatures of the first two octaves of the piano keyboard along with the note names and frequencies associated with those tones.  The frequency of the waveform determines the overall geometry of the patterns (specifically the number of points) while amplitude controls their complexity.  A waveform’s resonance, or physical balance within the vessel, determines the stability of the pattern as well as that pattern’s ability to achieve more complex arrangements as amplitude is increased. 

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Purchase TBC's Cymatic photography on ETSY.  Cymatic imagery can be commissioned in various sizes and colors via e-mail request.